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Changes!! :)

So many changes but praise the Lord for the change. I have to admit I never thought I'd be back here, but for now I am. It is so funny to think this was the "big way" to communicate and then came Facebook. We spend so much time on Facebook or now Pinintrest-which I can never seem to become a member of no matter if I had the time to spend looking at everything. :) The Lord has blessed us with some changes and we are thankful. Hard to believe my oldest (James) will be graduating Highschool this year and then Philip next year. Where does time fly. I see all the children I taught in my 5/6 year old Sunday school class, now married with kids of their own..yet, most days I don't feel that old. I am always playing the weight loss game. Some days are better than others but mostly not. I can't wait until life is not about the numbers game. The size you wear, the size of your church, the score your kids make on test,the numbers on a scale. I know when the Lord re…