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Never promised easy

I think about a million times as I was growing up I though how "unfair life was" or how "not easy" things were for me. I think it has been in the last 5 year of ministry that I have "grown up" in my thinking and know that God NEVER promised easy, He promised He'd be there for me. I am excited for all the Lord has for me and my family. I know that He has a reason for all that happens to me. This last move from Nebraska to Calafornia has shown that. I know that I am an emotional creature and that women tend to be in general...I think there is always a part of us wanting things to be easy, and getting upset when it is not. Yet, I need to remember that I need to take that moment, talk to God and then do, say, post, text, blog or whatever else that HE would have me do/say. I want to teach my childern that God is always faithful and will never let us down. I want them to learn their place. My 5 year old has been so use to being with the older kids, t…