20 years since Highschool graduation

Well believe it or not I am at the age where I am getting ready for my 20Th high school reunion. No, I can't make it but I keep in touch and remember. I was reading about the classmates who have passed away and yes, I cry. I didn't know them all but it saddens my heart. Some died by accident, some due to medical reasons, some unexpected, but sadder still those who chose to leave this world. My heart hurts for their loved ones and for the tragedy of it all. I have done a bit since leaving my high school, but even getting closer to 40 it doesn't seem enough. I wish I could reach the world and share the love of Christ with them. I wish John 3:16 would be understood for the true meaning it holds and not just a "sports events" sign. This is not a long post but friends if you don't know for sure you would go to Heaven when you leave this world or you feel like there is no hope--please know the loving God who made all things (John 1:3 &4)wants to hear from you and be the Saviour of your life and soul. I just can't believe it is 20 years since high school and it seems like yesterday. Christian time goes by quick, friends we are not promised tomorrow or our next breath. Christian share the God of your salvation, Friends listen with an open heart and let Christ come in.


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