Just Wondering....

MMMM...sometimes I just wonder. "About what?" you might ask. Well, people...and how they think. Not just any people but those who call themselves "Christians" - born again believers.

I know that a true Christian's walk is not easy, but easy and carefree or not...are we to just give up? If we are raised in a home with Godly standards and honest Biblical beliefs, do they suddenly turn wrong because there is a tragedy in our lives, or someone failed in their Christian walk, or we have grown up into adulthood? Do we forget that the Bible is the Word of God and it's truths and principles are timeless? Do we think that it was a surprise to the Lord that there would be Christians in the year 2010?

Sadly, we want to pick and choose when and where the Bible is relevant and applies to our modern day lives. We want to use it when it makes us feel good, yet not when it corrects or guides us in a way we should go...but don't want to.

I do not think we should look down or judge someone for the different stages of Christian growth they are in, but do we ignore or not address the issues because it will offend another? Jesus himself addressed the issues head on. He did it with love, and so should we. My husband, has a blog that quotes a Bible verse "Preach the Word, be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine." II Tim 4:2 [emphasis is mine]. So while it implies preaching, we think that this only applies to preachers...I think it applies to all believers. Remember we are told "to go into all the world and preach the Gospel" (Matt 28:19-20; Mark 16:15).

I am heart broken to follow some of my friend's lives, people I once admired, to see how the devil has influenced them to "change" or have some kind of "awakening" that goes against the timeless teaching of the Bible and what they once stood strong for, because of the "hard times" in their lives. God never promised us it would be easy, in fact He told us the world will hate us for loving, serving, and following Him. Yet, we find it easy to throw away our standards and our moral compasses, just for a few short "moments" to fit into the world. How easy we forget that "life is but a vapor."

Some say that we (Christians, who stick to what the Bible says) are legalistic, but that is not so. I asked my husband, and legalism is the idea that you must obey a set of rules or "the law" to obtain salvation. Salvation only comes by faith and faith by the Word of God. I don't have standards to earn heaven or make me a Christian; I have standards to show I am a sinner saved by grace to be a better example of a Christian. Another thing that seems to come out in conversations from someone after their "awakening" is that one who has standards is wrong and narrow minded to still live a life of standards. Is this one of those popular things or as the Bible put it a wide path with many traveling it? Everything a Christian does reflects Christ: at church, at home, at work, at play, etc. I want to have the best reflection I can even if that seems a little "narrow minded." I also never forget that everything a Christian does should be with Godly love and we (in our home and church) strive to lead with/show this kind of love. Of course, just because we love (and I love these dear friends that I have observed go through tough times) please understand that Godly love doesn't allow for compromise!

Please don't take this wrong but I just can't imagine getting to heaven and hearing the Lord say, "I think you were a little to strict in your morals and standards, shame on you." Can you?

Just wondering....1 Cor. 10:31- 1 Cor. 11:1


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