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Just Wondering....

MMMM...sometimes I just wonder. "About what?" you might ask. Well, people...and how they think. Not just any people but those who call themselves "Christians" - born again believers.

I know that a true Christian's walk is not easy, but easy and carefree or not...are we to just give up? If we are raised in a home with Godly standards and honest Biblical beliefs, do they suddenly turn wrong because there is a tragedy in our lives, or someone failed in their Christian walk, or we have grown up into adulthood? Do we forget that the Bible is the Word of God and it's truths and principles are timeless? Do we think that it was a surprise to the Lord that there would be Christians in the year 2010?

Sadly, we want to pick and choose when and where the Bible is relevant and applies to our modern day lives. We want to use it when it makes us feel good, yet not when it corrects or guides us in a way we should go...but don't want to.

I do not think we should look dow…