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Time just keeps passing

I look in the mirror and see the young girl I use to be. Then I look at my children and wonder who the young adults are. My oldest got his driver's permit last week and I know that is not possible. He will be 16 this year, Philip will be 14 and Elisabeth starts K-5. My husband will celebrate his 40th and I am close behind. Time just keep passing.
I pray that for the Christian, we are using this time to witness and share salvation with the lost. My heart breaks, when I see so many Christians get lost in the contemporary life of being a "Christian". We use a song the way we should be using a Bible. We say you've got to hear this...yet some of the groups being listen to, you can not understand, and let us not mention the "coming out and being separate from the world". Time just keeps passing and I know the Lord is coming back soon. His heart must break so much more than mine, for not only does the world not take notice, but Christians have given up the good fi…