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just a thought for mom

I have been catching up with friends and family, which made me think. You know we all (ladies) seem to want to change something about ourselves. I am about change for me, but why is it when we lose weight or start feeling better about how we look, we wear less? I read a book that I would recommend. It is called, "Dressing for the Lord", by David Cloud. I found it enjoyable and up to date (with great Biblical truths).
I get nervous when we, as children of the Lord, find guidance from the world's standards acceptable. We listen to their "Christian-words-to-a-worldly-beat", and say it has "blessed" us. We quote from these songs more than we quote the Bible. We allow our children to watch stuff on TV that we "amen" against on Sunday and wonder why we are dealing with rebellious children, who don't want to go to church. We don't lead by example mom.
We worry about being friends with our kids instead of being their parent. I would ra…

Changing of the times

Do you ever see things that were in and popular when we were kids? My heart is troubled by the fact that A LOT of things we did or wore as kids--the devil has corrupted. I think by the time Elisabeth gets older, she will not be able to do anything, that at one time was innocent. I am one of those crazy parents that researches EVERYTHING. I really should stop, but my curiosity always seems to win. More times then not the things I look up are fine, but every once in a while I find something that was once innocent has been used for sin and ugliness.
I am thinking of the jellie bracelets. We use to wear them non stop and trade with our girlfriends. Now the world has gotten in there and no young Christian lady should wear them--they are no longer innocent in meaning. Very sad.
I am only 37, so I am sure some of you have seen it longer than I have.

I see the day of the Lord's coming back, getting closer and closer. Are you ready? I pray so.