Thursday, October 29, 2009

Eye Exams

We spent the morning at the eye doctor's today. Philip had broken his glasses at camp and with the craziness of life we never got them replaced. Today we were able to get them replaced. All three got their eyes checked only Philip got glasses. Elisabeth was SO disappointed. She said, "mommy, please tell the doctor I NEED glasses, they are cute on me." She had found a cute pair of pink little girl glasses. They were cute on her (sorry no camera). We had to talk and tell her that the doctor knows best. She was still sad but understood. Even though later she was heard telling her dad that she wants her eyes to be bad, so that she can wear glasses.

Then we went grocery shopping and saved $16 in coupons. The library was next and then home. Actually, home for 5 minutes and then out with the hubby for another 2 hours.

It was a full day.

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Laura said...

Always wanted glasses when I was a kid...recent trip to the eye doctor has me at a very weak prescription for them LOL! It is good to see you posting again. We need a blog revival!