Saturday, October 31, 2009

Almost 38, which is almost 40 ??

What is it with aging? When we are young we want to be teens. When we are teens we want to be adults. When we are adults we want to be married with families of our own. Never have I ever wished to be a grandparent. Why is that? Society tells us wrinkles and gray hair are not acceptable or pretty. Society says, the weight you gain, that makes you have curves (not the unhealthy weight gain) is ugly and you should never leave your home. Yet, watching old I Love Lucy re-runs, back then size 12 was the go to size.
I can not believe I will be 38 in a matter of weeks. I got on the scale and wanted to cry. I am looking to attend my 20th year high school graduation. I can not believe how crazy fast time goes by.

The Lord has been so good. He has blessed through all the years. Without His guidance I could have so many regrets. It may sound silly to say, but I am thankful for the gray, I cover; the weight, I am working on losing; and the life I have. Be thankful for the thing the Lord gives--for blessings are in all things.

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