Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Trials for a Season

I just finished reading a friends blog that really tears at my heart. She is a dear lady who loves the Lord, but is going through a heartache that only God can help her through. I remember spending time with this lady and other homeschool moms. I still have the last group photo on my fridge-it reminds me to pray for them. I read her blog and understand the hurt-I was there at a stage in my own life, but unlike her, I blamed God for not protecting my heart from the pain. My family had grown apart and we were on the world's familiar road of Divorce. My husband had his work and no time for us or the things of God. Yet, the Lord in His grace,kept us from getting that far.

It took awhile for me to start talking to the Lord again-but He loved me through it all. My husband and I could not be more complete or in love with each other-but we know marriage is each giving 100% to God not to each other and expecting nothing from the other-knowing God is in control. My friend, she is a wonderful christian and I know this a rough for her and her family, yet we know that God has a plan and His way is perfect. I say all that to say this--God is the same in good times as in those bad hurting times. Job was a faithful servant but God allowed him to be tested. Job was found faithful (in spite of bad advice from wife and friends) and was given everything back and then some.

Friends be faithful to God, the trials we face are for a season, and the Lord is ALWAYS in control. Through our testing we too will come forth as gold. Read Job and be reminded how much the Lord truly cares.

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