Friday, May 15, 2009

"I can sleep with you now"

Last night I wasn't feeling well, so I went to bed early. Elisabeth, let daddy put her to bed. Well daddy put her to bed and he fell asleep and snored. Elisabeth woke him up and let him know he was being loud. She said she wanted to sleep with me, but just a few seconds of hearing me snore, changed her mind.

--Insert side note here, I didn't snore until I got pregnant with Elisabeth, now I snore like a lumber jack. How embarrassing, but such is life.--back to the story

At about 6 am in comes Elisabeth to sleep with daddy and mommy. I get her settled and fall back asleep. In a few minutes she wakes me up to ask if I could stop snoring. Then after the second time of being woken up, I went to her room to go to sleep. I had just fallen to sleep when in comes Elisabeth looking like this.....

She says,"mommy, I can now sleep with you." Yes, those are ear muffs my mom-in-love bought her when we lived in MA. She got into bed with my pillows and laid down, ear muffs and all. The ear muffs came off about 20 minutes after she fell back to sleep.

It just reminds me how exciting life is with my children. I love them so much and could not imagine life without them. The everyday is fun, but moments like these are too precious for words.