Monday, May 11, 2009

True Heart Healing

Do you pray for that person who hates you or treats you wrong? I know I have heard many a devotions on this subject but never really listened. Hate and discontentment will eat you up if you let it. It will turn you into a person you don't recognize.
We all strive to be liked and find it hard to believe when anyone has a bad thought or says an unkind word about us--but we are not living their lives or see the hurt they are going through. I was given the idea to give a gift in secret to a person that may show hate towards me. Why? If they don't know where it is coming from they won't know to be nice to me. Just like with prayer, the gift is for our hearts. To change the way we look at them, not how they look at us. God only made us accountable for ourselves--so do a heart check. Love that person who maybe causing stress and hurt. Leave the correcting to the Lord. If we do this with an open heart--the healing will begin.

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