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Where do the years go?

I thought when my oldest turned 13, it was such a milestone. Now he will be 15 and my youngest son will be 13. My daughter will be 4 and it feels like they were all just born yesterday. It just seemed like I blinked and they were all grown up!

I know that is what eternity will be like. I also know that if we equate "mom time" to "God time" we will understand that the Lord is coming back soon. Are we ready? Do you know without a shadow of a doubt--when that trumpet sounds, you will meet Him in the air? John 3:16 is one of the simplest verses, with the greatest truth. My friend you can not add anything to salvation. Jesus paid it all!! You will never be good enough or strong enough to get into Heaven by your own abilities or goodness. Nor will you be bad enough to be rejected by Christ but you must choose His Way. Christ died once on the cross and that is all it took.

There is no need for an extra book to add to the Bible, no need for any Bible version to…

What time I am afraid

"What time I am afraid, I will trust in Thee."Ps. 56:3

This Bible verse is one we have taught to all our children. We remind them of it when they were afraid of a dream or the dark or a strange noise. Yet sometimes we forget this simple truth as ladies. We ladies tend to rely completely on our husbands or our independence and leave God out of it--until the very last moment. We forget that our Heavenly father wants to hear from us, when a bad dream happens, when our life is just a mess, when our heart is so broken-we can't even find the pieces. Sometimes we have fear that keeps us away from a time with God through prayer and Bible study. Often this same fear couples with pride and we can't admit when we are wrong. We refuse to say I am sorry, to the ones we love and most often to our Heavenly Father.

Do you wonder in worry, in fear of what tomorrow holds? Is your future uncertain because of circumstances you are going through? Do you understand that God wants to hear …

It has been a long time...

I can't say why blogging has become such an non issue for me. I see all these people who can blog and make even the regular day-to-day stuff seem so exciting. I, on the other hand, did not do that well in English Comp. Now if only I could hook up a recorder to my daughter, life would be exciting 100% of the time!

Last night, we were watching a show on TV. I asked her to be quiet, then she starts moving her hands and her mouth at the same time--no words coming out. I asked her what she was doing, she said, "I am using sign language so I can be quiet." I have been teaching her a bit to go with her Bible verses and now she thinks she is fluent. Then she goes around say "ola" all the time and informs us she now speaks Spanish. It is never a dull moment with the kids. Yet, the boys are getting so big--so no major moments with them.

We are doing well with the church. The Lord is blessing. We do however, have a church member in the hospital, but she seems to be recover…