Monday, November 24, 2008

That time of year!!

For those of you who read my blog and I follow yours...I have been checking in on you all, I just haven't taken time to comment. I too lose my thoughts after a shower, love the weather proof wrap, glad the computer is up and running, nice to spend time with hubby,the new baby and other pictures are just fabulous! I am sad to see that sometimes life is busy and we can't post too.

We just got back from is that time of year again where you make the family dress-up and get pictures taken. My favorite is the one I added to this post. Elisabeth was such a good girl..she even prompted us all to remember to "say cheese!"
(this was an impromptu kiss and the photographer was ready)

We had some friends who are missionaries to Scotland visit with us for a while. It is hard to believe they were/are a big part of my life. They were my youth leaders 23 years ago! My does that make me sound old?...okay but older. It was wonderful spending time with them again and sad to see them off. It was nice to get some perspective on things that have been laying heavy on my heart. The things that you just want to set straight, but know that doing so, would accomplish nothing. And those who believe lies and those who tell them--won't listen to you or your side anyway. So grateful for the "peace that passes all understanding." I need it, on a daily basis. ;)
I must go now...time for lunch. Love you all and Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Kimberly!!