Thursday, October 2, 2008

Love the Coupons!!

I am sure that many of you clip coupons and save money. I was always hit or miss, but with the economy the way it is I have become a big believer in the coupons. I however do not get a Sunday paper, but have you seen the coupons you can get on line?! I visit a number of websites my favorite are and Once there you can print off what coupons you want and they have many. You can also go to other popular food company websites (such as Kraft or Slimfast) and they have coupons for you to print too. I just kinda spend one day googling coupons, printing, cutting, and sorting. I saved $22.40 today with all the groceries I bought. They will last us a month. We usually only have to get milk and cheese more than once a month, but the coupons have been a blessing. So let me encourage you too...go get those coupons and pinch those pennies!! It will help us be the good steward God wants us to be.

Love you all!!


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I never could get into coupons when we lived in the states. I never knew where to find them! Now I know where to get them... and I can't use them!! Grrr. One of these days I'll start saving a little money at the store.
You might like this website for more coupons:

Cyd said...

Hi Kimberley:

Have you considererd matching weekly ad deals to your coupons to maximize savings? If not, you should try it and you can use our FREE grocery deal look up site Here you can look up local grocery sales by ZIP Code, make a list of the best deals and head out to shop for them. We also have some coupons to add to the savings!

So, please visit soon and happy deal hunting!

MGD Cyndi

liz said...

I love coupons!!! I am still amazed at some of the amazing deals you can get with a little planning. If you don't already, you must check out Money Saving Mom (
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