Monday, October 27, 2008


I have been doing a lot of facebook lately (look me up Kimberly Coon). I had previously avoided it because, let's face it, have you seen some of the pictures and people on there? Yet, a lot of my wonderful family and church/military friends--past and present--are on there and it is a great tool to keep in touch. So if you don't see me on here, check there, if I haven't posted either the news closely. :) LOL

Not much to write. My heart is heavy but the Lord is faithful. I learn new things every day and for that I am grateful.

Pray you all are doing well too.

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Mishel said...

I don't have a Facebook (or Myface, as Rande calls it! LOL), but Ashleigh and Zach do.

Hugs to you!