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I have been doing a lot of facebook lately (look me up Kimberly Coon). I had previously avoided it because, let's face it, have you seen some of the pictures and people on there? Yet, a lot of my wonderful family and church/military friends--past and present--are on there and it is a great tool to keep in touch. So if you don't see me on here, check there, if I haven't posted either the news closely. :) LOL

Not much to write. My heart is heavy but the Lord is faithful. I learn new things every day and for that I am grateful.

Pray you all are doing well too.


Well, no new babies (and part of me is happy and ok with that) however, we did get a new four legged baby. Her name is 'Ninja'...Martin picked the name and has now picked the names for all three of our cats...somethings wrong with that...anyways, Ninja is well, a black kitty that needed a home and we are such suckers that she now has a home. Denver and Espresso are NOT happy. Espresso (much more than Denver) is having a melt down. All three of these cats are girls with Denver and Espresso being sisters. You know when you have a new baby and your potty trained toddler decides they are a baby again and makes such a mess in their idea of being a baby again...well we are in that stage of the cat game. They say animals are stupid but let me tell you they are more like children than we give them credit for.

Now a kitchen update: I have been sanding and cleaning cupboard doors and when the rain stops I will be able to start painting. I have taken pictures and will show you all when t…

Love the Coupons!!

I am sure that many of you clip coupons and save money. I was always hit or miss, but with the economy the way it is I have become a big believer in the coupons. I however do not get a Sunday paper, but have you seen the coupons you can get on line?! I visit a number of websites my favorite are and Once there you can print off what coupons you want and they have many. You can also go to other popular food company websites (such as Kraft or Slimfast) and they have coupons for you to print too. I just kinda spend one day googling coupons, printing, cutting, and sorting. I saved $22.40 today with all the groceries I bought. They will last us a month. We usually only have to get milk and cheese more than once a month, but the coupons have been a blessing. So let me encourage you too...go get those coupons and pinch those pennies!! It will help us be the good steward God wants us to be.

Love you all!!