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Not everything I WANT but everything I NEED

As many of you may know I don't have a kitchen..per se. When we moved in the old renters were just awful about cleaning up and this was evident in the kitchen with the amount of gunk and grease on the kitchen cupboards. I had hoped to be able to have a refacing and/or remodelling of the kitchen, but we nor the church has the money for that, so I am going to scrub and repaint. It is suppose to cool down by Friday, so I will get the cupboards all washed, sanded, primed (thank God for Kilz the heavy duty primer that covers all!) and ready to paint.

I think I am going to go with a chef theme. I have this really cute Yankee Candle tart burner and I have found things to match it. I know that repainting will save money and make it look better, yet it will not give me added counter space or storage. I just keep reminding myself that even with it's lack of things I would LIKE, it does have everything I NEED.

The Lord is great in that way and daily I am thankful for His love an…

We're back

What a wonderful Lord we serve! We did get approved for the support we needed. The final details of exactly how much and when the support will actually start are still not nailed down. We had to do a film about our church and to show our family. Can I say how stressful standing in front of a camera is? I FROZE, to say the least. I did get it done but I think I would have rather had all my teeth pulled. But in spite of all that, the Lord blessed and I am EVER so thankful to Him for that.

Then the next blessing came on Wednesday night, we were able to go to a wonderful friends home. Jen and her boys were so wonderful and opened their beautiful house to us. It was great to see them again and just sit and talk. It felt as though no time had passed. We were stationed with them in Japan. Their home is beautiful! James and Philip had fun playing with Seth and Caleb. Elisabeth was Seth's shadow and has not stopped talking about him. I can not say enough about Jen, she was a great hostess …

Just the girls

Tonight Martin and the boys are going to a father/son meeting. They are leaving at 4:30 and will be back this evening. Elisabeth and I are going to have a girls night in. We have decided that it will be pancakes for dinner and fun movie night with popcorn. Right now she is matching all the socks that have lost their matches. She enjoys doing that and it keeps her busy for a while. So it will be a fun evening for all.

I would ask for your prayers on the following..We are seeking support as a new church plant and we go for some interviews on Sept 22-24th. Please pray that this will be the Lord's will. This will allow Martin to not have to work a second job and we can put ALL our time into the church and its needs. We are also wanting to start an ACE school by next year. The Lord is wonderful and His grace is all we need. So please do keep all this in your prayers.

Have a wonderful weekend!!