Who would have thought

Well this is such a crazy thought pattern for my life. I have hit every end of the spectrum in the last few weeks. We have decided to try and have another baby, this will be the focus for the next 4 months, if nothing happens by then we will forgo that idea. I am also going to go to a class to learn and get certified to carry a concealed weapon. With Martin's work schedule, this will make me feel more at ease. I also went to Curves today and would like to join. That I have to see how our budget goes. It is just a "gym" for ladies and only about 15 minutes away from the house. I have a 14 year old..so babysitting is covered. So see I want to lose weight, have a baby and carry a gun. Doesn't that sound like a Movie of the week? I would ask for your prayer about the baby...that it is the Lord's will and that if it is all will go well. Any "you are insane" comments will be understood completely. ;) Love you all!!


liz said…
What? Really? How exciting!!! Okay, so mostly I'm talking about the baby thing...but for all 3. My mom recently got her concealed carrier permit. Maybe one day I will too, but for now I feel safe without it. I would like to join Curves myself, but it's too far from here. Yay! Praying for y'all!
Becky said…
hey well I'll be praying about baby and all that. We have been trying for over a year now and so it's been a little frustrating....I've been posting about my journey so if by end of year no baby then we start the infertility meds...So I knwo I'll be praying for both of us

I read this the other day, but just now found time to come and comment.. sorry!

Another baby!! How exciting! I'll be anxious to see what the Lord wills for that one :)
I've never had the opportunity to join a Curves gym, but I would if I could. I like the idea behind it; I think that would be great for you!
A gun huh? Don't know about that one! As long as you and your husband feel safe about it, then I guess that's great. I'm too nervous around them myself.

BTW-- thanks for coming to check on me :)
Laurie said…
Baby, losing weight and a gun! You crack me up Kim. I like checking in on you. I am glad you guys are doing well! Where in SC are you??
Very funny Kim! I'll pray for you regarding all 3! LOL! Although, I lost 24 lbs and then got pregnant with our little surprise baby...so, there's something to be said for joining the gym and wanting a baby! Ha! Also, thanks for checking out my new blog...your comments are encouraging. I'm hoping to keep up with it and stay in touch with everyone better too. We'll see!

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