Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sanity is not needed here...

Being a mom, a wife (a pastor's wife at that), a home-school teacher, a nurse (I am always handing out the band-aids or ice packs), and let us not forget...referee. I have decided that sanity is not something that is required for any of the above mentioned jobs. I think the more insane you are--or get--the better. At lease when Elisabeth takes the glue stick to the cat to reattach the cat's fur because she is shedding, you laugh instead of cry. When the children sit in the next room and you hear them fighting over the fact that "girls are stinky and not allowed in the boy's room." or "NO, boys are stinky and are not allowed in the girl's room." Or do you know that we have designated "boys bafroom" and "girl's bafroom" and at no time can one or the other use the wrong restroom without the bathroom police [e.g. Elisabeth] letting you know you are in the wrong "bafroom." Then there is the daily discussion on taking bath and showers. Elisabeth convinces me and herself that she is a big girl and that big girls take showers. After I start the shower and get her ready to get in, then she decides she is not a big girl and asks for a bath tub instead. Yes, we do this EVERY bath time. I do not want to tell her she is not a big girl, for one day I dream she will use her pink room to sleep in, so I join her in this shower and bath tub ritual. Did I not mention Sanity is not a part of my daily needs!!
The one person that I need and don't know how in His Sovereignty that He puts up with me, is the Lord. I thank the Lord daily for His love and kindness. It all started with John 3:16 and gets better from there! So in our insanest (is that a word?) moments of life, let us remember that the Lord will never leave us or forsake us. (Hebrews 13:5)

I have always known that the Lord has a sense of humour...but I see it in my life more and more every single day spent with children!!


liz said...

I've decided sanity, and being "normal", are way overrated!

Heather said...

Well, I was born insane...that helps :P Hey beautiful lady...we are FINALLY up and running on internet now :) We must catch up! Love you!Heather