The poodle look is good right??

I am off to get a perm in just about 30 minutes. I know that flat, straight hair is the "in" thing but I just need low maintenance hair. You may be saying what do you do that you need a perm? Well, have you not been reading my blog?! ;) I hate the first few days after a perm, for I do look like a poodle having a bad hair day, but it settles in the end. I remember right after Martin and I got married, I got a perm. I had tried to warn him of the first few days look--he must not have believed me. I got home and he said, "is it going to stay that way?" I cried, for that is what newlyweds do and then much later we laughed about it. So we will see how Elisabeth reacts...she has only known me with straight hair. She has been on a 3 year old roll, with saying whatever seems to be on her mind. It has been funny. Well gotta run. Love ya all and pray all is well. Anyone coming to SC anytime soon? (hint hint)


I don't think I've ever seen you with straight hair... have I?? My memories of you include beautiful curls. I think they look very nice on you :)
I know what you mean about the first few days after the perm though... any chance we'll get to see some pics???
liz said…
I'm sure you will look very beautiful and un-poodle like. You always do!

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