A Mouse in the House

I have debated over posting this, but everyone assures me that they have had a mouse in their homes and that having a tiny mouse guest does not equal piles of garbage in the house.

We have two cats, Denver and Espresso. Espresso is our cat that likes to explore everywhere and conquer the other animals in the house. This she does at night when I am trying to sleep. Well on Tuesday morning about 4:25 am, I hear the cats "exploring" but there is a more vicious sound to it than normal. So I get up to check it out and as I turn on the last light by the cats...there is Espresso with her mouth full of a mouse's head. Of course I calmly had her put it down, put the dead mouse in a bag and went back to bed. NOT EVEN CLOSE!

I called Martin at work and told him what was going on. He of course could not come home and here I am imagining all kinds of diseases this thing must carry and if it is not dead and only playing dead and it bit the kids..what would I do? So, Martin is trying to calm me and convince me to make the cat give it up and get it out of the house. The man forgot for a while who he is married to. So in not a calm manner, I make the boys get in my room and close the door. The cats are in the living room...playing with a dead mouse (or so I thought) and I leave them alone. I close all the doors and stuff towels under them so no rodents will get into the rooms. I then go check on the cats and see if I should pick up a dead mouse. THE MOUSE WAS NOT DEAD!! So I called my husband again...he says to get a towel and in male logic I should use this to chase it out of the house...Yes, he is insane, but I still love him! So I again not so calmly asked him to come home and check on us when he got home. So I was praying and waiting from 5 am to 7:30am , cold and tired. I laid in bed without my heavier blanket, because in the panic, I forgot to have the boys bring theirs and I needed them to be comfortable. Then I couldn't sleep, because our door has a big space at the opening and I just imagined this mouse would scale our door and come right in...did I mention I was very tired and not thinking straight.

So fast forward to 7:30 am and Martin is home. We move everything to try and find the dead mouse, that mouse had a run of luck, for it was still alive. When my husband chased it out of it's hiding place Espresso grabbed it. Martin opened the door and the cat took it out and Martin had her release it. The mouse took off and Martin killed it, so it would not come back to the house. So now while Martin is not home at night, we close all the doors put towels under the doors and go to bed this way. I have been sleeping better...but what a horrible night that was.
Oh, Yes I did get up and wash and sanitize EVERYTHING, just so you know.


Oh dear, do I ever know how you feel. I HATE mice.... HATE, HATE, HATE them! I think in your situation I would have given the boys the opportunity to be the protector and go hide with Elizabeth under the covers! LOL
Definitely do not feel bad about it being in your house. It doesn't have anything to do with the state of cleanliness. Although I know how you feel with that too!
Rebekah said…
The first thing that popped in my head when I read your post was memories of our cat Pepper while growing up. When she would catch mice she would play with them until they were dead - after that they were boring. Well, one time (after my dad had died so it was just mom & us girls) Pepper had caught a mouse and my mom heard the familiar proud meow. Mom was in bed at the time and tried to tell Pepper "no" but she was too late. Up on the bed the cat hopped and then presented mom with the "gift" - yeah, let it loose in the bed! She caught it and mom shooed her out before it could happen again. Of course my sister & I laughed about it, (what else are teenage daughters for?) :)

So while it's not great knowing there's a mouse loose in the house, at least it wasn't brought to your bed! :-)


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