Getting ready for School

I will start by saying, I am now the mom of a 14 year old. James' birthday was Monday and we had a special day with him. Oh my! I am just getting to be so much older than I feel, with every one of their birthdays.

We are getting ready for another school year. I have gotten everything set up and the grading system all set up and ordered the missing PACEs that I never found. The kids are not so excited but we still need to get into the swing of things. It always seems harder to get into the "groove" after a move. Maybe that is just me, but now we must push forward. With the new school year comes a new routine. I will not bore you with the details but Lord willing we will find that consistent and helpful routine that is so needed in home-schooling.

I am making a whole chicken in the crock pot. I have this crock pot cookbook and I decided to make it my main meals for the next few weeks. I enjoy fixing and forgetting, which may seem crazy, but then most of you know how much I HATE to cook. It smells great, just pray it turns out the way it smells. I just wanted to post...pray you all are having a wonderful Friday and will have a great weekend.


liz said…
I hope this school year goes smoothly for the boys. And you too. :)

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