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Fallen off the face of the Earth?

Sometimes it does feel as though I have fallen [or is it jumped?] off the face of the Earth.

But nope we are still here! The last couple of months, I have been so busy..praise the Lord. I don't have as much time to blog this summer like I wish, but it is nice to know you all have missed me. I miss you all too. We are doing well. The church is growing, we now have 20-25 people in attendance on Sunday mornings [compared to the 10-15 when we first started in March] which is a huge praise! The Lord is so good!! I have been trying to get the kids out to enjoy their summer break, so that is a lot of my time not blogging. Also with Martin's new job and him working the 3rd shift (11 pm to 7 am), I do not sleep so well and by the time I hit a heavy sleep cycle...It seems like 11 am comes to early. So when you are 'lazy' like that and your day starts later than it get the picture. Well Elisabeth is here to let me know she is in bed by herself (heaven help us if that…

This Touched My Heart...

I pray that it touches your heart and keeps you tender to others around you. But sympathizing with people is not as important as loving them enough to tell them of Jesus Christ! Keep your heart open and your testimony pure.

God bless you my family & friends!!

Busy, Busy

I feel like it has been forever since I have written. We have had family visit in and out for the last two weeks. It is always exciting and full of challenges when family comes. I do enjoy having them all around and the kids enjoy spending time with their cousins. Being in the military for so many years, it is now nice to be close to family.

My mom-in-love stayed with us the longest, and she seemed to still be sane when she left, we think. I admire her so much, though we had our offs and ons for the first five years of my marriage to Martin (some of it being Martin's fault and yes he admits to it, too) but Mom and I have come out of it as great friends and I am so thankful for that.
She listens when I just need her to listen and she gives advise that is so wise. I do thank God for her and that she loves larger than her heart. She is beautiful both inside and out, and I just wanted to share with you the lovely lady I am honored to call my mother-in-love. Thanks Mom! I lov…