Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yes, that is what I almost got close to yesterday. I was minding my own business walking to church, talking to Elisabeth (who I was thankfully holding) and there it was. This big black 'rope' in the church yard. It was laying between our home and the church and if it would not have raised it head at me I might have gotten much closer to it. I saw it and froze, not sure what to do when you come on a snake that raises up at you. Did the guy on animal planet say they come at you or chase you if you run!? Okay, well I have to chance cell phone on me and I have the baby. So I slowly backed away to what I considered a safe distance and then ran for the front of the church, praying the snake did not follow and that Martin did not go out his office door and get bit. Yes, I looked and acted like a crazy person. Yelling at the boys to go back in the house--like the snake was thinking, "if I can't get her, I will get her children." But I was taking no chances. Well needless to say...the snake went away and I pray I NEVER see it again. Have a wonderful day!!

Diet update: I am at a stand still this week but not giving up. I am exercising and still eating better. I am determined to loose this weight.


Becky said...

wow that's scary....I'd be just as afraid as you were. I may try that meatball recipe.... I'll let u know how it goes when I make it. Thanks for the comment on the curtains.... I have run out of fabric must have miscounted lol..... so only could make 3 sets when i need 4....hope there's still some fabric left at the store....Good Luck with the diet...I'm praying for you

liz said...

In the words of Tyler..."Eewwwwwww!" I'm glad you saw it in time. I would have been terrified. I don't do snakes.