Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Mind and Thoughts of a Child

So on Saturday, Elisabeth continued watching, "Because of Winn Dixie" for about the one-thousandth time. We had to leave the house to go do some errands, so I hear, "Mom, can I bring my movie?" Okay sure, but let's hurry...tons to do. So with her backpack/purse filled with too much, and her umbrella (which she NEVER leaves home without--raining or not!), we are off. We have to go get things for church on Sunday, boy's haircuts and then I go and splurge to get my eyebrows done. We are leaving the barber when Elisabeth says, "Mom, call me Elisabeth Noelle Opal Coon, please." I smile and ask why--knowing full well it is because of the movie. She says, "Opal has a daddy who is a preacher, and so do I. She had a dog like me and I want to call Samantha, Samantha Dixie. We also both wear ponytails in our hair." (which now when she wants a pony tail in her hair, she request "Opal hair") So I say, why not? Sure! Then we keep talking in the car and she asks daddy if she can get her ears pierced, "I am a big girl...pleeeese!" So daddy and I talk and we agree. After my eyebrows are done, we take her to a place in the Orangeburg Mall (yep we have one of those..though it is small) to get her ears done. She must have pink, then I tell her "just close your eyes and it will be over with faster." YES, you guessed it BIG MISTAKE! She wasn't expecting the gun and it "shot" her and oh, my the tears and screaming. I was ready to just let her leave with one ear ring but daddy stayed strong. So as Elisabeth and I are in the store crying, she gets her other ear done and then after she calms down says, "Can I have a lunch box?" The mind of a child--so many things covered in such a short amount of time. So because I have caused her trauma, I get her a lunch box at Wal-Mart. When asked why she needs it she says, "So I can pack my lunch and go to work and eat with daddy!" (with a look that says, "Duh, mom why didn't you know that?"). So now when we leave the house we have to wait for Elisabeth to get "Opal hair", her back pack, her lunch box, a purse, and her umbrella. If we are lucky, she will occasionally leave her purse at home--but then EVERYTHING goes in her trusty back pack.

Here's a couple of pictures of her in 'travelling outfit':
Here's a close-up of her new earrings (little pink flowers): : Here's the content of her very full and heavy backpack/purse:
What a crazy and beautiful child!


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

What a cute story!! My, she certainly is growing up fast. She's cuter than ever!

liz said...

Oh, she is such a little stinker. She is just too cute!

Tori said...

Aww now she's a cutie!! You have a very nice blog, I love the header.

I'll be back soon to read more!

Mishel said...

Love the new look to your blog! And Elisabeth is such a cutie!

Becky said...

aww how cute.. that's hilarious tho about all the things she has to take when going out. She's adorable!