Monday, June 9, 2008

It is Monday!!

Okay, so day one, meal one of our 6 week makeover. I have never eaten a rock like muffin before, but this one is okay. Luckily I only have to eat one now...Martin has to have 2. ;) I do feel sorry for him, but grateful it is not me. Mid-morning snack will be another muffin and 1/2 fruit. Lunch is chicken,squash and rice. Then it will be another afternoon snack, dinner and then a PM snack. I have to set a timer to remember to eat...yes, it sounds silly, but I am only use to eating twice a day and that is if I remember or am not too busy to do so. I know you all can relate. I am going to go exercise now!! This I really don't want to do but what is eating better without extra movement? With this plan I am to do 2 times a week, target muscle exercises and 3 times a week, cardio. So not too bad. I will keep you all posted. Have a wonderful day!

My only thought for today is? "Should you really be eating that?"


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Okay, I'm almost afraid to ask... What is a rock like muffin? Did you make these yourself, or do they come prepackaged with the plan?
I can't say that I have your problem about forgetting to eat. That's one thing I don't think I ever forget about! It's a good idea to set the timer though if you're having a problem. I'm sure it will do wonders for your metabolism to be eating at regular intervals.
What are you doing for exercise? I like my "Walk Away the Pounds" videos.
Oh, and I love your little cartoon!!

liz said...

LOL! The cartoon cracked me up.

Good luck my friend. Just the thought of exercising right now makes me want a nap. =)

Jenny P. said...

Kim you are to funny but I so know what you mean. I know you can do it and I too would like to know about the rock like muffin.
Also I just got my blog page up ,very scary but it is up. Not sure how you view it if you can from my name but in case not here is the link.

Kimberly said...

Okay ladies..."rock like muffins" are muffins that are made out of cooking oats (not instant) with a bit of spices and some splenda. Because there is no baking soda or powder it does not become light and fluffy. So that is why I call them "rock like." (drinking water while eating helps ALOT!)