Happy Birthday Philip!!

Today is Philip's 12th birthday! I never feel quite so old until my children start having birthdays. It is hard to believe that I have a 12 year old and in August I will have a 14 year old. I try to keep "young" in the fact I have Elisabeth and she is only 3. I remember when Philip was first discovered to be a boy, I had wanted a girl--for I thought Philip would be our last. Yet, the Lord always knows best. I was doing a Bible study and came across the name Philip during my reading, then Andrew and thus Philip's name was chosen. He and James were night and day as far as babies go...Philip slept from day one home from the hospital and could be alone as a child and not scream. Yet, his personality switched as he got older. Now he is the child who needs someone with him at all times, doesn't like to try many new things and is really emotional (like his mom...poor kid!). He is growing by leaps and bounds. So many days show me so many new ways Philip is becoming a young man. I am blessed to have been given two young men to raise, and thankful to the Lord for His guidance and for giving me boys who make being a mom easy. Happy Birthday Philip...I love you!!


liz said…
Happy Birthday Philip!

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