Friday, June 6, 2008

Are you an info commercial junkie??

Okay ladies, please tell me I am not the only one who sits at home and gets sucked into the infomercials that come on T.V.? (not that I get a ton of down time to watch but on the days I do) Well, needless to say I did it!, I ordered the 6 week makeover program. That is the one thing I have struggled with my WHOLE life -- my weight. Well starting Monday, I start this program. I have a chubby buddy, my husband(but don't tell him I said so). I was ordering the program and they asked if I had someone that I wanted to lose weight with and I said, "yes!" I then told my hubby he was my official chubby buddy. He really didn't like the term, but I found it cute. (you know my crazy sense of humor) So all this to say, I will let you know if it works. I have made my grocery list and my menus. You have to eat 6 times a day for your body type, the only bummer is until you reach goal most dairies are out of the question. So friends here is to hoping I have success. I will let you know, I would publish the picture I had Martin take for my keeping track log--but I think the blog has rules about posting gross pictures!! ;)

Here is the update on "time to myself"--It was a great day, but I really only got 3 cards done...the planing processes always takes a while,then getting supplies out, then just the time to put it all together. It was a wonderful day however and I am and was so thankful for it!


Pam--in Jerusalem said...

I'm anxious to hear if it works for you!
I'm so glad you had some time to yourself!

Becky said...

hey Kim,

Definitely let me knwo how that makeover program works. I have tried some diet meds and I am struggling with my weight now too. So any reviews of things are always a plus!

Laurie said...

HI Kimberly! I love your pics of your crafts. I love stamping but don't have too much time to do it. I do happen to make most of my cards. They are not that cute though!! I do it with scrapbooking paper and stamps.
God Bless on your weight challenge. I have lost about ten obs over the past three months. I have watched my sugar/portions and only eat wheat pasta/bread. I am working out 5-6 days a week. My body is changing but I am not where I would like to be yet. I would like to lose another size or two. It is such a slow process!! I know that is the best way though. You can do it, just be patient! Thanks for keeping in touch!!

Mishel said...

Keep us posted! : )

And no, you aren't the only one who watches infomercials. I don't ever buy anything, but I'll sit and watch them sometimes--and *think* about buying whatever it is.


Heather said...

:) Just ask Brian about his "Rocket Chef" :P "Buy one get one free" hahaha

liz said...

Infomercials are addictive. Especially when you can't sleep. Keep us posted.