Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Trip to the dentist

So it is about 8 pm and I hear James calmly say, "Mom my tooth fell out!" My first response was "okay, who hit you?" We had the cousins (Jeff's family) over and Philip was there...they were all on the trampoline playing. Well no one hit him...he got his brace caught on the net! Yep, I said "caught on the net" while jumping around he bounced opened-mouth right into the net and it pulled the already loosed tooth out of the socket. Okay before you all run to take down your trampoline nets or not allow your children with braces to not play on anything ever again, let me give you the back story.

As most of you know from my earlier post, we went to Pensacola for a friends graduation. We got invited over to one of our former Okinawa-military friend's house for dinner and all the kids went to play outside. Well, for some reason all the times their mother said,"Don't throw sticks or play with them" was conveniently forgotten. About 30 minutes after arriving and just when the adults are hanging out in the kitchen chatting, in comes Philip running. He sheepishly says "Come outside, I threw a stick and James turned into it with his mouth and he is bleeding!" Of course, James comes in a half-minute later and his bleeding from the mouth, trying to catch his blood with his cupped hand, his braces look like they were in a car crash, the wire that connects his top teeth has sprung hanging out of his mouth, and his front tooth is knocked substantially lower than the other front tooth. After getting him calmed down and realizing that we have to wait until we return to South Carolina to get him to his orthodontist we lay down the rules for his acceptable activity and we share "parental looks of future punishment" with Philip.

Once we arrived back home, we immediately go to the dentist, who said everything looked fine and that it should heal fine and then if needed the lower front tooth will be repaired in a couple of weeks when his braces are adjusted.. no problem, right? The dentist obviously did not know my sons. So catch back up to last night, we are back at the dentist's office with the previously crooked tooth now completely out. The dentist had to "hard wire" his mouth. I was impressed that he was not screaming but James is my "grin and bear it" child. They did get the tooth back in the socket, reattached his brace wire, added another supporting wire to the front two teeth. After maybe 40 minutes, we are on our way to the Pharmacy to get some pain med, since James' trauma has caused a bit of pain to his mouth.

Through it all, the Lord blessed and today James is not in a lot of pain and we had insurance that covered this emergency. My brother and sister in law were here, for Martin was gone with our only car (at the monthly Low Country Pastor's Fellowship about 2 hrs away). And Praise the Lord, the dentist we see has emergency hours, one thing that I never really considered before last night. The Lord is such a God of details (Luke 12:6-7) and He knows what we need before we ask (Matthew 7:11). Hallelujah!


Heather said...

Sorry that happened, but I am glad everything is turning out well. Love the label btw..."boys and sticks" hahaha

jkimp said...

Kimberly -

This is great! I love keeping up with you, your family, and your family's anticks! Caleb fell off of his bike several years ago and needed stitches in his chin. The following day, Seth punched him in the chin with the boxing gloves and popped the stitches out! Back to the ER! I'll never forget it.