Getting finished

My brother in law and his family are here, helping us to finish up on the house. It is coming along wonderfully. I am so thankful everyday for all the wonderful things the Lord does and gives us. I know that He is in control of everything we do and say and how we live. Sometimes it is hard to understand the lessons we must learn but it is a must for the youngest child and the oldest adult, to be taught the lesson God has for us.

In other news, I do not know how many of you have done a Bible study with a book called, "Lies Women Believe and The Truth That Sets Them Free" by Nancy DeMoss. A good friend in Massachusetts recommended this book and let me tell you it will change the way you see things...or it should. A great quote from the book today is, "Regardless of the immediate source, anytime we receive input that is not consistent with the Word of God we can be sure Satan is trying to deceive and destroy us. What we read or hear may sound right, may feel right, may seem right--but if it is contrary to the Word of God, it isn't right." I have really taken a look at myself, I used to just let my husband correct from the pulpit but then I started to think, "If my friend or neighbor were in a burning building would I wait for the firefighter to come or would I want to help them escape the flames?" I know that I would want to help them myself. I will not mix words to let a fellow Christian women be fooled by the devil's lies. Yes, sometimes people may be offended and only want to hear the nice things from day to day, but ladies we must get out there and be the soul winner, the witness, and the Godly example God, God commands us to be! I will tell you this much that even though we are to have a sweet spirit, we are also to reach the perishing and those Christians who may be struggling with sin...sin is not pretty so helping those deal with it will not be either---turning a blind eye, ear and heart is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Martin preached Sunday Evening on "Presence"...meaning the way that we are with others around us or when others are watching. He asked us "Who's Watching?" But he explained that "Presence" is more than just being good because someone is looking, it is being good period! He pointed out 4 areas of 'who's watching' whether we acknowledge their presence or not. First, Who is In Us is watching. Second, Who's Around Us is watching. Third, Who's Following is watching. And finally, Who's In the Crowd is watching. So it is with this double confirmation (through my personal studying and the preaching I hear) that I am motivated and determined to share my experiences and the 'Truths of the Bible' with my fellow ladies and anyone else the Lord brings into my life! God bless you, Ladies...I love you!


Heather said…
Good thoughts...I always say that my children are the truest witnesses to my character...they are also accurate mirrors..sometimes I am pleased-and of course embarrassed lots of other times ;)love you!!

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