A busy day with a reminder from the Lord

Today is a holiday for most schools and jobs but I guess not so much here in SC, because it seems everyone was still doing their day to day...me included. We had a Memorial Day cook out planned with our church family and this included an open house at the church parsonage. Well, of course this included the white glove cleaning for company...for some reason, I feel everyone is coming over to look behind the toilets...has anyone ever thought of even looking there on your visit to a friend's home...NO! I am just crazy this way.

Anyway while in tunnel vision mode, I had to run to the super Wal-Mart and get the items for the cookout. The lesson for today was, "do not get so focused you forget to smile and be sweet, showing a Christian attitude--someone is always watching." This man and his wife stop me in the store and said, "hello, I met you in the parking lot, do you remember me?" I got that deer in the hidelight look and said,"Sorry no." (did I mention I was suffering from tunnel vision and instead of smiling I was trying to figure out this person's face). Well, he explained that we left a track on their car in our church parking lot (they park there to commute to work about an hour away), so we left tracks on all of the cars and I was able to actually meet and talk to a couple of them once when they were getting off of work. So you know how it is trying to put a face in place that you can't remember when you're in a mood trying to do 100 other things?! Yeppers, I got caught in a bad moment...silly tunnel vision. I then apologized for being so overly focused on getting my shopping done and hoped they would come visit us at church and forgive my lack of smile and not remembering them. I can say I wasn't rude, I just wasn't has friendly as I should have been. They were kind and said they understood and would come visit soon. So, God and I had a long talk (or was it a scolding?), you know the one where we're kindly reminded that we must remember the world around us is watching and we are to always be a Christian example and smile--even in tunnel vision mode.

The Lord did bless the day and all our wonderful church family came out and we had such a wonderful time of food and fellowship. Everything is wonderful when spending time with Christian family and friends. I am so thankful to the Lord for bringing us here...so many new blessing everyday!! Looking forward to tomorrow.


liz said…
Eeekkk! I am so bad about stuff like that. I will ask a persons name only to immediately forget it. Then I need to introduce them to somebody else and can't. Very awkward.

I miss you my friend.
Brad & Cindy said…
Kimberly, I have not been keeping up, however, today I sat down and started reading. I cannot believe you were in Pensacola. Do you know we only live 20 min from PCC. Wow and we could have seen yall. Well now you know. Who did yall visit? Do we know them? It sounds like yall are fitting right in the South. We sure do miss yall. Remember next time you come this way let us know.

Love ya
Brad & Cindy said…
Ok so I am not sure if the 1st comment went thru. I can't even remember what I said just that we live 30 min from PCC. I saw that yall came down for a graduation. Wow we missed you. Next time you will know how close we live. No one realizes how close we are to PCC. Brittany Wallace is coming to PCC this year and Laura didn't realize how close we were. I hate we missed you.

Love ya

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