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I am determined

Frazzled, exhausted, burned-out, defeated, angry, frustrated and discouraged are all words that would describe who I allowed myself to became during our ministry in the church we served in Massachusetts. I am currently doing a Bible study covering these very issues and even though I know how wonderful the Lord is,sometimes I need to be reminded. I realized that the people I allowed to affect my life in this way, were and are telling lies. They are lying to others in such a way that they are being believed, but that belief comes from within themselves not from the truth; they are believing the lies enough in their mind that they take it on as 'truth'. I use to get so angry because I felt God was not paying attention but in my reading today, I was reminded He already knew...2 Corinthians 11:13-15, "For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel;for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Theref…

What a great week!!

Ladies if you have never been to a good old time Southern tent revival, you have missed out! We went to an independent Baptist good ole southern tent meeting and it was such a wonderful time!! The Lord moved and lives were changed. The music was very uplifting too, without all the praise band of the modern day church. I was so blessed to be able to go. We were in Walterboro, SC and it was wonderful fellowship and food for the body and soul. I look forward to next year too!! We got back and I got a stomach bug..I was a bit nervous but no was just a bug. :) I am going to go now. I am making Elisabeth a cake for her 3rd birthday. She was 3 on the 18th and I had not unpacked the right I told her when i found my pans I would make her a cake. She helped me this morning with the mix..let me not forget the quotation marks for "help". She is turning into such the little girl and bossy sister. I pray you all have a wonderful day and weekend. May the God who made …

Just a quick note

Hello my wonderful friends. We are here and have been for 3 weeks. We just got moved into our home. The last renters were a bit upset having to leave and left a mess to say the least. I will not go into full details but they had a lot of animals (that they did not clean after), they were smokers, and cleaning up anywhere must have been a task. The Lord has been WONDERFUL for we replaced all the floors and can freely walk around the house..maneuvering around the boxes of course. That is my plan for today...boxes.
Oh, how pretty to sit here typing and see the reddest cardinal ever on the tree branch outside the office window!
Sorry the bird distracted me and the cat. So back to boxes..yes, I am getting to that today. Martin is out of town for the week. He is in Texas for a BBIF or BBFI(I can never remember the name or the initials).It is a church planting/refresh meeting. They help support pastors of small churches or help them plant churches with support for a time, so the church itself …