We Found Nemo...

For Christmas we got extra money from my in-loves (what I call my in-laws) and some church family. We decided to use it to go see Disney-On-Ice's "Finding Nemo" show at the Verizon Center in Manchester, NH. It was very enjoyable and the kids had so much fun! While watching them enjoy themselves, I took a moment to thank the Lord. I started to cry, even though that may seem silly...I was just so overwhelmed with a heart of graditude. It might not seem like something to be thankful to the Lord for, but without Him providing the extra money, the ability to get there, and the opportunity to get inexpensive seats--that were great seats by the way!!--we would not have been able to go. I was thankful the lights were out during the "teary" times. God blesses so much in our "big parts" of life, that sometimes the "small things" go unnoticed (but my heart is so full with thankfulness for the big and small). Pray yours are, too.


I can't believe I found you through Heathers site! I have thought of you often. I will keep checking out your blog. I pray you and your family are well. Please keep in touch!! jlgmcolefamily.blogspot.com
Laurie Cole

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