Thanksgiving in February

We have heard of Christmas in July, well I did Thanksgiving in February. You might think, "why go to all that work when you don't have to?", well to be honest, turkey was the only meat left in the house. We had decided to "clean out the freezer" and I got down to the one thing I hate to cook, even for Thanksgiving...turkey. Today was my day off and so I down-loaded and located some Thanksgiving recipes. I got the best Roast Turkey with pecan glaze from Paula Deen--who I adore, for her cooking. Then we had mashed potaoes, sweet potatoes, mac-and-cheese, green bean casserole, rolls and two pumpkin pies. We had the whole spread. It was fun just taking time to cook for my family. The boys really enjoyed it and the hubby was happy too. Elisabeth is happy whenever mac-and-cheese is involved. That was my day, a woman in her kitchen. I wish now I would have taken pictures, mostly of the looked Food Network worthy. Well, I will close by saying...Happy Thanksgiving in February. From my heart to yours...may we have thanksgiving in our hearts for all the Lord has done for us and blessed us with!

Philippians 1:4


liz said…
How did the glaze turn out on the turkey? It seemed like it would be really yummy. How was James's fieldtrip?
Mishel said…
Wow!! What a feast!! Everything sounds delicious--and Paula Deen--I love her too!! : )
Pastor Coon said…
It was all delicious and was way too much to eat! But I 'suffered' through it and even 'forced' myself to have seconds :) Kim's recipe (or rather her version of Paula Deen's recipe) was the best I've ever had! Good job, Babe!

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