Do me a favor

I know your husbands are busy with taking care of their families, but could you do me a favor?, would you ask them to every once in a while visit my husbands blog (the link can be found from mine) and leave a small--however important comment. Again I know they are busy, but your husbands are my husbands few and only friends, and sometimes even the men need some support from their peers. Thanks ladies. I love you much and pray for you and your families--through the changes of life. oh, he may read this post, but Martin does know of it as of now. LOVE YOU HONEY!!


Heather said…
Oh yeah!! I forgot that I never linked his blog!! I'm lucky if Brian even reads mine, but he was encouraged to hear your husband has one...I just forgot to link it so he could get to it...sorry!!
Mishel said…
Oh Kimberly I *wish* I could tell you Rande would read Martin's blog, but he rarely checks his own email! He's just not into the whole blog thing or much of anything on the computer--at all. Sorry!

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