Saturday, January 12, 2008


Well today was a good Saturday. Elisabeth got to go to the "grogery store" with her daddy. She came home happily with her cheese and crackers (aka lunchable) and her peaches. She love to go to the grocery store and actually cries when we pass it and don't need to stop. Most kids want toys...Elisabeth is all about the food. ;) When she got in she let everyone know she was back from the store and she sat to eat. Then she just spent the day hanging out with her brothers and helping mommy do the laundry. (you know the kind of help that really isn't). The boys studied their Bible verses for school and Philip his MACS competition memory work. So we got a bit done and it was a good family day.

Elisabeth is now standing at the bottom of the stairs yelling, "bubba", (which is how she says Philip) come det me to doe up the stair so I am not scared." He came to get her...the great big brother he is, she got peaches and brought them down stairs with a spoon. A tablespoon that is. Daddy traded her for a teaspoon, and she took it with a smile and a "tank you daddy, I lub you!"

Family is such a blessing from the Lord.


liz said...

That little girl is such a cutie! Where does she get all that personality from?

Pastor Coon said...

Not Me!!

Heather said...

How CUUUTE!! I love your new header :) I love this little "snapshot" post. (((((you))))) Lub you ;) heather