Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Quick Post

Today I spent THREE HOURS cleaning the upstairs!! Now I know that makes it sound like my family has been living in a pig pin, but no they haven't. I just got the "it's time to clean EVERYTHING and throw things out" bug. I feel good that the upstairs (or top level) is cleaned but when I come down to the bottom level, I feel so defeated. I will tackle the lower level tomorrow after school or Friday, my day off. Maybe I am the only wife who feels like she spends all day getting things in order only for it to feel like you've spent the whole day standing still. Yet, I do feel good to have gotten done what is done. :)
I got to talk to a dear friend today and it was nice just to have someone to just talk to. I miss that. We are heading out to church tonight, but wanted to blog. Nice and warm today but it looks like we will be getting colder by Friday. I am looking forward to a nice blizzard, yes, I said blizzard. ;)

Love you All!!

PS....Heather, in Japan, if you read this...please e-mail me.

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Heather said...

Hey beautiful you..gonna dig out your phone number from my mess of an email box :)