Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Blessings at Christmas time!

It is hard to believe that it is the New Year already. We have been on school vacation, but really have gotten nothing done but the laundry (that is an accomplishment all on its own). The Lord however has blessed this December with snow and it is beautiful.
We had a tragedy on Thursday, December 28, 2007. Our kitten, Denver, was being curious and that saying.."curiosity kills the cat" almost came into play. Denver was climbing up the speaker and pulled it down and somehow when she was falling she hit her head really hard. I heard her yowl and ran to see her. When I got there she was surrounded by blood. The person of panic I am, I called for Martin. He came and got her, cleaned her and the area up and took her to the hospital. I am so happy to say that the Lord has allowed her to make a full recovery. She still stumbles when she gets to tired but she is doing good. Elisabeth is happy to have her kitty back. She has been really good with letting her be. When she sees Denver sleeping she will take her blanket (a pillowcase she uses for a blanket) and covers her up. Then she spends half the time telling everyone to "be quiet please" because Denver needs to get better..... "Jesus wants her to rest."

This is funny, at least to me... Elisabeth got a new, bigger dollhouse for Christmas. She keeps it in her room, but last night she wanted to play with it down stairs. She asked me and I said she needed to to ask daddy. So she asked daddy if "Jame could bring down her dollhouse?" Martin asked if she wanted to bring her dollhouse downstairs to play with (just to be clear) She said "No daddy." He asked her again if she wanted to bring down her dollhouse. She said, "No, daddy it is too heaby, Jame bring it down for me, I to little." Then we started to laugh. The literal two year old had told her daddy she did not want to bring her dollhouse down when he asked, but she did want it down, just wanted James to bring it downstairs because it was to heavy for her to do on her own. Maybe you had to be there but it was funny at the time.

The boys don't have to many cute moments anymore...but watching them do the exercise tape with their mom, is cute.

Romans 14:19

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