Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Bible Study thoughts

Today is Tuesday, time to take James to Speech Therapy. It is an hour appointment and nothing but time on my hands. I used my time today continuing my Bible study in Mark. I was in chapters 7 and 8. While reading the Bible truth of the Mom who sought the Savior to cleanse her daughter of the demons. The Saviour gives her what I see has a "test" of her true self. We see she is a Greek and it even mentions her "city". This allows us to see the true history of the woman. She is from a place that was not thought highly of or a race that wasn't either. Yet, she comes to Jesus feeling her request is as worthy as anyone elses. The Saviour compares her, in all honesty to dogs. Now she could have let her pride get in the way and left receiving no blessing but her heart was right. She willingly accepted the comparison and still let the Master know that even the dogs do get crumbs from their master's table and are thankful. I believe that the Bible shares this with us that because she was not prideful her request was answered. Her daughter was cured of the demon not because of who she was but how she came to the Saviour with a humble and willing heart. How does this relate to us? I feel it relates to us in two ways... First of all we should never let people, attitudes, feelings or pride get in our way of seeking the Lord's will for our lives. We should be willing to except not only others short-sightedness or short-comings but our own as well. I know it is nice to listen, and helpful to listen to others give us advice, we need the interaction, but I feel sometimes we seek people's opinion first and then the Lord's will second(and only seeking the Lord because we are "suppose to"), not because it was our first thought. I know this Greek woman may have heard that she should not go, that the Lord would not help someone like her, and that her journey was pointless. Yet she was determined, despite everything, to get to the Lord--like we should be. The second thing that really touched my heart was that she asked and received even though the Lord was nowhere near her daughter, yet she was healed. We tend to see God as being so far away and that there is no way He will do great things for us, because He is not physically on earth or it doesn't seem as if He is near enough. We tend to limit God...we allow our waning prayer life and our unfaithful, stressed-out hearts to show it. We need to be more like this Greek mom and ignore all the nay sayers---those that want to limit our Lord because He is not here. Those who would say that we are not worthy of the Lord's time. We need to seek God first then once we have talked with Him, seek Godly council. Not what the latest fades are or the latest pop christian cultural has out there. Just go straight to God's Love Letter to us, the Bible (by the way I think you ought to use the King James Bible, not just anything). Understand the Lord has all the answers and it is not that He doesn't want us to have them all...it is that WE don't want to seek and listen.


Heather said...

I love studying the book of Mark, so many interesting things. This *encounter* especially is so interesting and I have heard many interesting comments about it. You are so right, she could have let her pride get in the way...what a blessing she didn't. I think she knew that Jesus was expressing what the "common" insult was and was "joking" with her and she quickly "joked" back with a quip which held truth. Jesus blessed those that the Jews despised...I am so glad He blesses us though we may be despised among other believers...wonderful post my friend.

Mishel said...

Great thoughts Kimberly!! Miss you!!

Heather said...

looking for an update :)