Thursday, December 6, 2007

Is it okay to SCREAM!!??

I am hoping the answer is YES!! Do you feel as though everyone is out to spread as many lies about you as they can? Do you feel like the kind person you know you are (or thought you were) is made out to be a monster? Do you feel as though you can scream and cry because everything you say, wither in joking or not is held against you? Do you just wish you could stay home and never leave again? THEN YOU HAVE HAD MY DAY...WAIT NOT DAY BUT YEAR!! (tears) Nothing we do, and mostly me, is right. I say anything and it gets switched until I have said something wrong, dumb, or hurtful. Yet, no one will ever come to me, that is what my pastor husband is for apparently. I am growing thick skin, but these words from ignorant people still make me bleed. I know the Lord never promised easy tomorrows. I know in the mist of all this craziness, He and my family still love me. I just need this to be over soon. Maybe I am too young and naive to be a Pastor's wife, yet I know this is where the Lord wants me. He will give me His Daily Grace, for today of all days I need it the most. Ish.40:31


liz said...

Let's run away!! :)

They say that doesn't really solve anything. I'm willing to try though.

I'm going to call you this weekend.

Heather said...

Liz...that cracked me up. You can run away for an hour to the day spa!!