Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Time Goes by so fast

First of all...praise the Lord that Martin is doing so great! He is now up and about and eating a bit of solid foods. The boys have been a great help around the house. Elisabeth just wants daddy to get better so she can go to "Cuky Cheese." So every day she comes home to see if daddy's ow-wee is better so we can go. The world of a two year old. :)

I can not believe it has been a week since writing. It just seems like we got home, it was Thanksgiving, the weekend, and then the school week. It has been a blessing to have some of the ladies at church make meals for us. I just need sleep...then don't we all. That is the one area Martin and Elisabeth are having problems in, therefore so is mom. I know why Martin doesn't sleep but Elisabeth is just having a bit with restless nights...but all us moms understand and can sympathize.

So did I also mention we have kittens? They are the best lap cats but oh my, do they love to play at all hours of the morning. We named them Espresso and Denver...both girls. Espresso is black and orange and Denver is white, grey and husband likes the Denver football team and since we will never have a blue and orange cat, so she got Denver as a name.

Well as some of you may tell from my lack of a train of thought I am tired and need to get some sleep...but wanted to blog...even if it is a bit sporadic. :)

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Becky said...

Hey Kim!

Glad to hear Martin's doing good. Remember me lol....

How is everything?!?!