Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Lord's time

The Lord truly has a time for everything. Martin having surgery,and getting to his room when he did, made it possible for the Lord to allow him to lead a 64 year old Vet. to the Lord. Martin shared with me this morning, that this gentleman, Joe, was his room mate. Joe had been in the Korean War and had served his nation well. He now lives in Lowell (just a bit away from our home) and was diagnosed with cancer in his kidney. He came to the VA hospital 4 days ago and was getting released today. Last night the Lord allowed Martin to be coherent enough to be able to share the gospel with Joe. Martin says the older gentleman was crying has he prayed for the Lord to forgive him and make him whole spiritually. What a wonderful experience not only for my husband, who just is so honored on how the Lord's timing allowed him to lead a soul to heaven but for Joe who the Lord allowed to go through so much and get saved in his later years. As Joe was leaving, like a young child with so much joy over a new toy, he hugged Martin and said, "The doctors saved my life by taking out the cancer, but you my brother, saved my soul from an eternity in Hell by showing me Jesus' love."

What a joy to know that we now have a new soul on his way to heaven...all because the Lord's timing is PERFECT!!


liz said...

Oh Kimberly, this brought tears to my eyes! How wonderful God is to even allow us to serve Him!

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Thank you!!! for sharing that!! It brought tears to my eyes also. Praise the Lord for his timing, and for using Martin in such a magnificent way. I'm sure Martin is thankful that he listened to the Holy Spirit's leading. The pain killers probably don't make him feel half as good as the joy he feels from this!

Heather said...

*tears* Praise the LORD!!!