Saturday, November 17, 2007

"Butiful rum"

Today, my daughter, Elisabeth got a second hand bedroom set from some friends of ours. The husband was kind enough to bring it over to our home and set it up. It is very study and nice. After it was all set up Elisabeth walks in and says, "oh, tank you for my butiful rum!" She gave the man a hug and has showed everyone her room and plays in there non stop now. Now my prayer is she will want to sleep in her room. She is so funny. Her potty training too is on the up swing, she loves to sing songs while on the potty, "Yes Jesus loves me!" to the top of her lungs.
Too funny, but what a joy to have little voices singing with her whole heart. So many lessons my children teach me on a daily basis. Sunday will be busy so you may not hear from me till after Monday....we are staying at a hotel with Internet, so if it works will let you know about the surgery. Night to all


Heather said...

((Hug)) my dear friend!!!! I am SO happy you have a blog...I hope it's alright that I link you!! I know that many will be blessed by you through your blog :) YAY!!!Love, heather

Pam--in Jerusalem said...

Yay!! I'm sure I'll love reading your blog!
But wait....Elizabeth talking?!! How did that happen?! I'm sure I wouldn't even recognize her anymore.
I can't wait to hear more about your lives out there!

liz said...

Praying that M's surgery goes well. Let me know when you can.

Love ya!