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Time Goes by so fast

First of all...praise the Lord that Martin is doing so great! He is now up and about and eating a bit of solid foods. The boys have been a great help around the house. Elisabeth just wants daddy to get better so she can go to "Cuky Cheese." So every day she comes home to see if daddy's ow-wee is better so we can go. The world of a two year old. :)

I can not believe it has been a week since writing. It just seems like we got home, it was Thanksgiving, the weekend, and then the school week. It has been a blessing to have some of the ladies at church make meals for us. I just need sleep...then don't we all. That is the one area Martin and Elisabeth are having problems in, therefore so is mom. I know why Martin doesn't sleep but Elisabeth is just having a bit with restless nights...but all us moms understand and can sympathize.

So did I also mention we have kittens? They are the best lap cats but oh my, do they love to play at all hours of the morning. We named them Es…

The Lord's time

The Lord truly has a time for everything. Martin having surgery,and getting to his room when he did, made it possible for the Lord to allow him to lead a 64 year old Vet. to the Lord. Martin shared with me this morning, that this gentleman, Joe, was his room mate. Joe had been in the Korean War and had served his nation well. He now lives in Lowell (just a bit away from our home) and was diagnosed with cancer in his kidney. He came to the VA hospital 4 days ago and was getting released today. Last night the Lord allowed Martin to be coherent enough to be able to share the gospel with Joe. Martin says the older gentleman was crying has he prayed for the Lord to forgive him and make him whole spiritually. What a wonderful experience not only for my husband, who just is so honored on how the Lord's timing allowed him to lead a soul to heaven but for Joe who the Lord allowed to go through so much and get saved in his later years. As Joe was leaving, like a young child with so much joy…

Holding back the fear

May I just start with a huge praise to the Lord! Martin came out of surgery, more than fine!! (happy tears) I played my "role" well, by not shedding a tear that anyone could see, but God knew my fears. He just held me right in the center of His love. To top off a wonderful night, with wonderful news...God let it snow! To me it was His way of saying "all is well and will continue to be, I will always hold back the fear." What a wonderful Lord I serve...that He would care enough to send even the smallest amount of snow, to make my tired night end with a smile and a prayer of thanks.
Thank you so much for your prayers. It was wonderful knowing that all my sisters in the Lord, friendship and prayer were supporting me with what I needed the most. I am truly blessed with so much because I have a great family and sisters in the Lord.
Going to bed, for I am so very tired.oh, will publish pictures as soon as I figure out steps for me and this blog.

"Butiful rum"

Today, my daughter, Elisabeth got a second hand bedroom set from some friends of ours. The husband was kind enough to bring it over to our home and set it up. It is very study and nice. After it was all set up Elisabeth walks in and says, "oh, tank you for my butiful rum!" She gave the man a hug and has showed everyone her room and plays in there non stop now. Now my prayer is she will want to sleep in her room. She is so funny. Her potty training too is on the up swing, she loves to sing songs while on the potty, "Yes Jesus loves me!" to the top of her lungs.
Too funny, but what a joy to have little voices singing with her whole heart. So many lessons my children teach me on a daily basis. Sunday will be busy so you may not hear from me till after Monday....we are staying at a hotel with Internet, so if it works will let you know about the surgery. Night to all.

New doors to walk through

We are praying and searching God's will for our lives. They say you truly never know someone until you live with them. The same can be true with a church. The Lord has allowed us to see somethings here at the church we are serving in that have brought us to this time of getting ready to move on. We know that the Lord has/had a purpose in bringing us here and we have truly grown. I always said, "I'd never make a good pastor's wife" but the Lord has taught me to stop saying that. He has grown me to be the best helpmate to my husband, and not that I don't have room for improvement (don't we all) but I am the pastor's wife the Lord would have me be. I am young and still have tons to learn but just because I am not like the Pastor's wives I admire and strive to be like, does not make me a "bad pastor's wife." Seems simple enough but the Lord has been patient while I learned this simple lesson. I would ask you all to pray for us as…