Wednesday, March 9, 2016

So Long Ago

I have not been on here for so many years. I received a comment today so I decided to come back for a visit. I am amazed how much things have changed. Both the boys are in college and my daughter is in 5th grade. We now live in IL and are busy with our new church ministry. I am enjoying all the Lord has for us. I pray we find a home soon and get even more settled. We said good-by to our cat last month. Nikki got sick and there was no making her better. She had a great life and gave us fond and fun days with her. Things just keep moving forward, even if we don't think they should. I pray as you read this you are having things that are improving for you. For we will look back in a bit and say....we wrote, read, did or didn't long ago...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Changes!! :)

So many changes but praise the Lord for the change. I have to admit I never thought I'd be back here, but for now I am. It is so funny to think this was the "big way" to communicate and then came Facebook. We spend so much time on Facebook or now Pinintrest-which I can never seem to become a member of no matter if I had the time to spend looking at everything. :) The Lord has blessed us with some changes and we are thankful. Hard to believe my oldest (James) will be graduating Highschool this year and then Philip next year. Where does time fly. I see all the children I taught in my 5/6 year old Sunday school class, now married with kids of their own..yet, most days I don't feel that old. I am always playing the weight loss game. Some days are better than others but mostly not. I can't wait until life is not about the numbers game. The size you wear, the size of your church, the score your kids make on test,the numbers on a scale. I know when the Lord returns none of the numbers will matter. I long for that day, but then again I don't. Only because when He returns it will be to late for those who focused more on the numbers than on Him to have a chance to accept Him. I pray that if you read this post you know and love my Savior. But if you do not know Him, I'd like to share the Bible way of eternal life with you..not my way but God's way. I am so thankful for His daily grace.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Never promised easy

I think about a million times as I was growing up I though how "unfair life was" or how "not easy" things were for me. I think it has been in the last 5 year of ministry that I have "grown up" in my thinking and know that God NEVER promised easy, He promised He'd be there for me. I am excited for all the Lord has for me and my family. I know that He has a reason for all that happens to me. This last move from Nebraska to Calafornia has shown that. I know that I am an emotional creature and that women tend to be in general...I think there is always a part of us wanting things to be easy, and getting upset when it is not. Yet, I need to remember that I need to take that moment, talk to God and then do, say, post, text, blog or whatever else that HE would have me do/say. I want to teach my childern that God is always faithful and will never let us down. I want them to learn their place. My 5 year old has been so use to being with the older kids, that she sometimes forgets she is 5. I need for her to know that 5 year olds have a certian role to fulfill in life. My teens are not adults and until they are 18 or out of highschool they are still teenagers training to be adults. I have seen so many push there children into growing up beyound what the child understands and then gets upset if the child is not excepted into the older peer group. Let them be kids or teens...the growing up to adulthood comes all to fast. God never promised easy, this I must remind myself--but oh the blessing I get by learning in the moments I want "life to be fair" to lean and trust solely on my Lord and Saviour.

"God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow,
sun without rain.
But He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears,
and light for the way."

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

20 years since Highschool graduation

Well believe it or not I am at the age where I am getting ready for my 20Th high school reunion. No, I can't make it but I keep in touch and remember. I was reading about the classmates who have passed away and yes, I cry. I didn't know them all but it saddens my heart. Some died by accident, some due to medical reasons, some unexpected, but sadder still those who chose to leave this world. My heart hurts for their loved ones and for the tragedy of it all. I have done a bit since leaving my high school, but even getting closer to 40 it doesn't seem enough. I wish I could reach the world and share the love of Christ with them. I wish John 3:16 would be understood for the true meaning it holds and not just a "sports events" sign. This is not a long post but friends if you don't know for sure you would go to Heaven when you leave this world or you feel like there is no hope--please know the loving God who made all things (John 1:3 &4)wants to hear from you and be the Saviour of your life and soul. I just can't believe it is 20 years since high school and it seems like yesterday. Christian time goes by quick, friends we are not promised tomorrow or our next breath. Christian share the God of your salvation, Friends listen with an open heart and let Christ come in.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Think Before Reacting

When judging someone else my friend, you never should for get, that there's, no doubt, at least one thing not known to you as yet; 'bout circumstances of the one, which known, would temper you, and make you ask: if in his place I wonder what I'd do? It may be someone crossed his path and ruffled up his day, and that is why he spoke those words he'd never planned to say. And you, because you did not know, a judgement harsh did make, if you'd but known, perchance a prayer you'd offered for his sake. And he, no doubt, would then have felt a strange and pleasant glow; think how it might have changed his day, tho' you might never know. Nor pat yourself upon the back that somthing great you've done, yet your regard for someone else had turned him to the SON. This world, no doubt, would sweeter be and we'd be more relaxed, If we'd remember that each man with problems great is taxed: and so he often says the things he later does regret. But if our hearts are filled with love, those words we'll just forget. -Nels Stjernstrom

Monday, June 7, 2010

Just Wondering....

MMMM...sometimes I just wonder. "About what?" you might ask. Well, people...and how they think. Not just any people but those who call themselves "Christians" - born again believers.

I know that a true Christian's walk is not easy, but easy and carefree or not...are we to just give up? If we are raised in a home with Godly standards and honest Biblical beliefs, do they suddenly turn wrong because there is a tragedy in our lives, or someone failed in their Christian walk, or we have grown up into adulthood? Do we forget that the Bible is the Word of God and it's truths and principles are timeless? Do we think that it was a surprise to the Lord that there would be Christians in the year 2010?

Sadly, we want to pick and choose when and where the Bible is relevant and applies to our modern day lives. We want to use it when it makes us feel good, yet not when it corrects or guides us in a way we should go...but don't want to.

I do not think we should look down or judge someone for the different stages of Christian growth they are in, but do we ignore or not address the issues because it will offend another? Jesus himself addressed the issues head on. He did it with love, and so should we. My husband, has a blog that quotes a Bible verse "Preach the Word, be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine." II Tim 4:2 [emphasis is mine]. So while it implies preaching, we think that this only applies to preachers...I think it applies to all believers. Remember we are told "to go into all the world and preach the Gospel" (Matt 28:19-20; Mark 16:15).

I am heart broken to follow some of my friend's lives, people I once admired, to see how the devil has influenced them to "change" or have some kind of "awakening" that goes against the timeless teaching of the Bible and what they once stood strong for, because of the "hard times" in their lives. God never promised us it would be easy, in fact He told us the world will hate us for loving, serving, and following Him. Yet, we find it easy to throw away our standards and our moral compasses, just for a few short "moments" to fit into the world. How easy we forget that "life is but a vapor."

Some say that we (Christians, who stick to what the Bible says) are legalistic, but that is not so. I asked my husband, and legalism is the idea that you must obey a set of rules or "the law" to obtain salvation. Salvation only comes by faith and faith by the Word of God. I don't have standards to earn heaven or make me a Christian; I have standards to show I am a sinner saved by grace to be a better example of a Christian. Another thing that seems to come out in conversations from someone after their "awakening" is that one who has standards is wrong and narrow minded to still live a life of standards. Is this one of those popular things or as the Bible put it a wide path with many traveling it? Everything a Christian does reflects Christ: at church, at home, at work, at play, etc. I want to have the best reflection I can even if that seems a little "narrow minded." I also never forget that everything a Christian does should be with Godly love and we (in our home and church) strive to lead with/show this kind of love. Of course, just because we love (and I love these dear friends that I have observed go through tough times) please understand that Godly love doesn't allow for compromise!

Please don't take this wrong but I just can't imagine getting to heaven and hearing the Lord say, "I think you were a little to strict in your morals and standards, shame on you." Can you?

Just wondering....1 Cor. 10:31- 1 Cor. 11:1

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Time just keeps passing

I look in the mirror and see the young girl I use to be. Then I look at my children and wonder who the young adults are. My oldest got his driver's permit last week and I know that is not possible. He will be 16 this year, Philip will be 14 and Elisabeth starts K-5. My husband will celebrate his 40th and I am close behind. Time just keep passing.
I pray that for the Christian, we are using this time to witness and share salvation with the lost. My heart breaks, when I see so many Christians get lost in the contemporary life of being a "Christian". We use a song the way we should be using a Bible. We say you've got to hear this...yet some of the groups being listen to, you can not understand, and let us not mention the "coming out and being separate from the world". Time just keeps passing and I know the Lord is coming back soon. His heart must break so much more than mine, for not only does the world not take notice, but Christians have given up the good fight....How are you passing the time??